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Two ways to run Windows programs on Mac without installing Windows

The number of applications supported by the operating system OS X, is growing every day. However, some software products run only on Windows. There are many ways to start ON this type of Mac. The most obvious involves the installation of a virtual machine creating a new partition to install a full Windows.

But if you only need one Windows program, then you have no need to put on a full computer operating system. MacDigger offers to appeal to one of two utilities that solve this problem.


Not to say that WineBottler boasts support for all Windows applications, but the database program more than 23 000 items. Most likely one of those that she knows and understands, you most likely will find what you need. Moreover, plus WineBottler is that it is distributed free of charge.

WineBottler for their work does not run Windows, but to package the application so that they can be run in OS X. All this is done using a special component. To see if the desired app in the list compatible, we recommend you follow this link. There is a convenient sorting and searching.

Download WineBottler for Mac is available on the developers website. The latest version of WineBottler is compatible with OS X Yosemite and El Capitan.


A software emulator of the CrossOver is considered the best option for running Windows programs in OS X. environment a Big plus of the program – support for Russian language. Therefore, the Russian users will not be difficulties with its use.

CrossOver is developed by CodeWeavers, based on the source code of the free analogue. At the same time he is a commercial product. The creators of the product add their own patches, as well as graphical configuration utilities. The company has hired some of the Wine developers, and some of their achievements returns in a free software project.

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WineBottler CrossOver differs from a more narrow focus: it aims to support the most requested office, graphics and other applications. This will work with this thoroughly tested and debugged, so his job usually more stable than that of the free counterpart.

The CrossOver rate is 40-60 dollars. There is also a version of CrossOver Games created to run on Mac popular games for Windows.

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