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Two thirds released in 10 years iPhone is still in working condition

Joke about the fact that after the announcement of the new iPhone to the previous generation model turn into a pumpkin, has nothing to do with reality. The old version of “Apple” smartphones are very much alive.

According to research firm Newzoo, currently in working condition is two-thirds released in the last 10 years iPhone. You can calculate how much this is in real terms. At the end of last year, Apple sold a billion iPhone, and as of March 2017 were sold about 1,163 billion devices. Of them are still working as 62.6% or approximately 728 million phones.

Now the share of iPhone in the global sales of smartphones is about 15%. However, in April the share of active smartphones Apple has reached its target of 25% of the total. The bulk of the active iPhone accounts on China — 228 million devices. In second place is the USA, where there are 120 million, or 16.4%.

Among all the active devices on the most popular was the 2014 flagship iPhone 6 with a share of 21%. On the second place in popularity — the iPhone 6s (18%), followed by the iPhone 7 (11%), iPhone 6 Plus (9%) and iPhone 6s Plus (8%).

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