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Two easy ways to install Windows 10 on Mac

Whatever facilities were not considered, macOS, Mac owners sometimes do need to have Windows. For the offspring of Microsoft available PC-compatible software, but if you are a gamer, you will need “Windows” to run the most popular game titles.

There are two simple ways to run Windows 10 on your Mac that do not require a computer restart, which is important for the technology Bootcamp.

Parallels Desktop

The most convenient way to use Windows 10 on a Mac is to download Parallels Desktop for OS X. the app is a paid App but a free trial period. This is the best option considering the features offered and ease of use.

Before you can use Parallels, you should get a copy of Windows 10. Download the system image ISO here. Most users will need a 64-bit version of Windows 10 in Russian, but perhaps your requirements may vary. Download the file system on your Mac.

Then you should download a copy of Parallels Desktop for OS X from here. Select the option “Try now” or “Buy” and download the DMG file. After downloading unzip the file and complete the installation process. If you decide to buy Parallels, you can just enter the license key for full access to all features of the program. Otherwise, choose the free trial 14-day period.

Launch Parallels Desktop and start the installation of Windows 10. You will be offered three options: to Windows 10 from the Microsoft website, install Windows from the disk or image file, or you can migrate Windows from another PC. We fit the second option. The program will pick up the ISO file automatically. If not, select the location of the image manually.

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Moving through the pages with the settings, uncheck “This version requires a license key.” You will be prompted to choose the method of using a virtual machine and allocate the available memory. Settings can be changed later, so do not give much importance to them. You must also choose a name and specify the location for storing Windows image 10.

After finishing all necessary settings in Parallels download Windows. Select the “Home version” and start the installation process. After a few minutes Windows 10 will be installed on your Mac. Parallels should automatically open Coherence mode, which allows you to use features of Windows 10 at the same time running macOS. For the transition to a full-screen display of Windows, navigate to Parallels in the Finder menu and select View -> Exit Coherence mode.

Now you can run compatible with Windows 10 apps and enjoy all the features of both systems, including Cortana, fast document viewer in Windows (by pressing the Space bar, as in macOS), simplified file sharing, printing, location services Mac to Windows applications and so on.


If you don’t need so many features that Parallels, to run Windows 10 on Mac it is possible to do a free utility called VirtualBox (copy of Windows 10 will be needed in any case).

Download VirtualBox for macOS at this link. Download the DMG file, open it and run the installation application by double-clicking. Once the procedure is complete, run VirtualBox from the Applications folder, enter the name, number and the allocated physical memory to create a virtual machine with Windows. Then click the green arrow and run the “custom” installation.

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Congratulations! Now on your Mac is a fully functional Windows 10.

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