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Twitter removed the limit of 140 characters

In September, Twitter began testing the ability to tweet of 280 characters. Now this feature is officially launched and will be available to all users.

About the global launch announced Aliza Rosen, one of the representatives of the social network.

“Historically, some Twitter users unintentionally exceed the limit of 140 characters. Because of this, they had to edit their tweets, send screenshots instead of text, and sometimes even refuse to publish their thoughts. Removing an existing constraint, we want to make life easier for our audience,” says Rosen

It is important to mention that the extended limits was available only on the website and in the official app of the service. Those who use third-party Twitter clients will have to wait until developers will release the appropriate updates.

Rosen also noted that conservative users should not worry about the appearance of flooding and too long posts in their feed.

“We’ve been testing this system and came to the conclusion that only 9% of bloggers go beyond 140 characters,” adds Aliza.

Of course, after the new feature will become available to everyone, Twitter may seriously change. The first time people will experiment and create clutter on the ribbon. While real changes in their behavior will only happen after some time.

This year Twitter has changed a lot and received quite a few new features. For example, in the last month has the ability to save tweets. And also follow the latest news and events in real time.

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