Twitter allowed employees not to return to the office

Many are waiting for the end of the pandemic to finally return to the office, for their workplace, to colleagues. But not everyone has that. Many, on the contrary, have known all the charms of remote work and want to continue working at home.

Of course, all this depends on the company and the position held, but as practice shows, many can work from home, although they have never practiced this before.

Twitter employees were lucky: CEO Jack Dorsey allowed employees not to return to work after the pandemic. Here is what was said in the official statement of the head of the company:

The last few months have shown that we can cope with work in this mode, therefore, if the circumstances of our employees allow them to work from home and they want to continue, we will allow it.

Jack dorsey

Twitter Head

He also indicated that the offices would not be opened until September, and it would be difficult to return to the previous pace – the return would be gradual. Business trips and corporate events will begin no earlier than the end of this – the beginning of next year.

What do other companies offer?

Google plans to open offices no earlier than June – July, but only for those who need it: if employees can work remotely, they will have to sit at home until 2021.

Facebook has a similar situation: offices will open in early July, and employees can stay at home until the end of the year.

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Amazon and Microsoft allow employees to stay at home until October, if "work will be effective." When the companies open offices, it is not reported.


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