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Twelve South has introduced a stylish charging capsule for Apple Watch

The company Twelve South, a well-known series of unique accessories for Apple technology, has announced a new device called Timeporter. It combines a docking station and carrying case “smart” clock Apple Watch.

Stylish product allows you to charge the Apple Watch on the go or while traveling. The device is made in the form of small leather capsules white or black, you put the watch. Together with “smart” chronometer in case it is possible to put a second pair of straps, AC power adapter cord for charging the device. If the user is in the drive, the box can be stored in karma jacket or bag.

The Apple Watch is powered by a standard cord included in the package of the device. On the cover Timeporter provided technological hole for charging hours drive.

The capacity of its own battery the Apple Watch is quite enough for a full day of work without recharging. Offline for a whole working day means 18 hours of use a “smart” hours. During this period, allowed 90 checks the time, working with applications within 45 minutes, and 30-minute workout with music. According to the statement made by Twelve South, the charging capsule to the Apple Watch can be useful in travel, business trip, vacation, and just in everyday life.

Deliveries of novelties is scheduled for may of this year at a recommended price at $49.99.

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