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Tweak Stunden ports on iOS 8 feature “Interrupt” from the Android 5.0 Lollipop

iOS is a great operating system, as well as any other mobile platform on the market. Each is missing something: features, stability, flexibility. The same is true for iOS and can be solved by performing a jailbreak. The Cydia tweaks are the salvation for everyone who wants to modify the operating system, to add the functions from competing systems.

In Android 5.0 Lollipop supports an interesting option called “Interrupts” (Interruptions). With its help, you can expose applications and contacts a certain priority notifications. You can then quickly choose between three modes: “All”, “Priority” or “No”. In fact, it is a more flexible variant of the technology of “do Not disturb” in iOS.

With the help of a tweak from Cydia you can get similar functionality on the iPhone. Stunden works similar and is invoked on the screen by the action of Activator. On a transparent panel features a volume control, sections “do Not disturb” and “Disturb” and switches “Always”, “On the hour”. PR, using the buttons “+” and “-” to adjust the time from 15 minutes to 8 hours, after which the mode “do Not disturb” will be automatically disabled.

Mode “Interrupt” allows the flexibility to manage your smartphone: Stunden automatically putting the device in silent mode calls, reminders and notifications on the basis of set parameters. Of course, this tweak is primarily designed for use at night when people are sleeping and don’t want to Wake up from unexpected calls. However, it can be configured in its sole discretion, for example, include at work or scheduled meetings.

The extension can be found in the repository ModMui. It spreads at a price of $1.00 and is compatible with all devices on iOS 8.

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