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Turn your old iPhone or iPod touch into AirPlay receiver using AirSpeaker [Cydia]

How to dispose of old iPhone 4 or iPod touch after buying a new iPhone 6s? For example, to transform the gadget into a wireless AirPlay receiver, allowing you to broadcast music or the radio on external speakers.

A developer named Karen Tzay has released a jailbreak tweak AirSpeaker, giving the mobile device features Apple AirPlay receiver for streaming music. Everything you need to organize other streaming for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch – set an unofficial app and make respring. If you connect a gadget to a Wi-Fi network, it will appear on other devices as AirPlay receiver that can output sound.

AirPlay technology provides the possibility of transferring streaming multimedia data only with iOS devices or Mac computers on the set top box, Apple TV or AirPlay-compatible receivers. To stream from iPhone or iPad to another iPhone or iPod touch cannot. This is where AirSpeaker. Thanks to this development you will be able to play music from one gadget to another.

Unlike similar developments AirSpeaker is not an app that is running immediately after installation and does not need to run the program, when it will be necessary to organize the broadcasting AirPlay.

AirSpeaker can be found in a separate repository developer The tweak is free and is compatible with devices running iOS 5 through 9.

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