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Turkey has asked Apple to unlock the iPhone 4s killer Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov

The Turkish authorities have asked Apple to unlock your iPhone belonging to the murderer of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey Andrey Karlov. It is reported Macreports.

The attack on the Ambassador of Russia took place in Turkey on Monday in Ankara during the opening of the exhibition. According to the interior Ministry, the Russian diplomat shot 22-year-old former police officer mevlüt MERT Altıntaş. He killed Charles with several shots from a pistol, having explained their actions revenge for Russia’s actions in Syria. The attack injured two people. The terrorist was killed by Turkish special forces.

The attacker was discovered, the iPhone 4s that is locked with a 4-digit password. The investigation on the murder of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey joined a team of 120 people, including representatives of the investigating authorities of Turkey, to examine information on the smartphone of a terrorist. However, attempts to hack the iPhone was not successful.

According to the publication, the Russian side will send to Turkey its experts, who will try to guess the password to the iPhone. At the same time, the Turkish authorities turned for help to Apple with a request to provide access to the data on the smartphone. The company has refused to comment on the situation.

The incident echoes an attack in San Bernardino, where a year ago the attackers shot two dozen people. Then Apple asked to hack iPhone 5c one of the terrorists, but the company refused.

Apple suggested to disable the built-in function, which erases the data in your phone after 10 times wrong to enter a password. In Cupertino stated that this technology bypass the security features on the iPhone will be “a kind of master key, capable of opening millions of locks” that will risk the privacy of other users.

Later iPhone was hacked by a third party by order of the FBI. Intelligence agencies have confirmed that the hack was only this instance, and the method used will not work for later models. Intelligence agencies actually signed a single contract to provide services to hack with some hacking group, paying her $1 million.

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