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Turbo League soccer on the autobahn

We all know about that one game that skillfully combines two genres: football game and aggressive racing about the collision, rydvan and spitting on the sand of gasoline. The formula was so successful (and at the same time – simple) that it without end began to copy – that is the pipeline and got to mobile. However, PIP us to the language, if we call the secondary Turbo League game. This is a great and dynamic racing game with a huge ball and gates.

The conditions here are the same as in regular football. Well, you know – the gate on both sides of the field, the emerald landscape, goals, large and nimble the ball, the stands with the fans. There is, perhaps, only two important elements: judges and malingerers. Because the first would have just blown off his feet, and the second… would have just blown off his feet.

Because instead of coddled futbolerov cars here – terrible, terrible, powerful globs of speed and aggression, which seem not much interested in ball: more the left door of the opponent. You accelerate (on the imaginary speedometer – unimaginable numbers) and a good take on the RAM of the opponent; that casts aside. But the main goal, of course, the ball – for him to follow closely, and try to push in these baggy folds. We get to be rare: the ball always flying somewhere, you hardly know what’s going on, left again enters this enraged bull on pumped “Veyron”. But don’t forget about dopamine: someone caring have equipped your car the ability to jump, and it will be up in the air, doing flips, bumper sending round in a protracted voyage to the other half of the field. Very beautiful and impressive; if still managed to score, this moment will remember for a long time.

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The result is an interesting mechanic – a few guys of varying degrees of desperation RAM each other, then a huge sphere, and all that the screen said the new figure. Pure childishness, but it takes the spirit of competition hovers in the air of those crowded stadiums, and play does not want physically and is an important component for competitive matches.

When tired to butt heads over the ball, look in the garage – there is a lot of fun. The inside of the car, alas, does not twist, but you can freely experiment with looks. Want a cool sticker on the hood? No problem – see, we have quite a collection. Close up of the door fire strips? Simple – you how long? In the end, you don’t even have to spend money on a new car, and simply repaint the old – final victory still depends on your skill, not the amount of money invested.

Including real. Don’t forget that Turbo League – a shareware game and, of course, will not mind if you decide to throw her a few hundred rubles. But on balance it will affect exactly no – all the “players” are equal, everyone jumps and goes to the best of their abilities, and the ball, you know, obey the laws of physics (albeit questionable), and not the thickness of your wallet.

What we have in the end. Energetic and cute game on a proven formula – Yes, this is not a breakthrough and not a masterpiece at times. But – a cool way to while away a few evenings.

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