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TSMC will produce SSD controllers for Apple

The company TSMC has received orders from Apple for the production of controllers for SSDS, reports sources close to the supply chain in Asia. The chip will be produced according to the norms of 28 nm.

As it became known in April, a 12-inch MacBook uses a unique controller’s flash memory, which is not found in any other Mac models. Is the proprietary Apple, developed by specialists of Anobit, an Israeli manufacturer of flash drives.

Engineers Anobit came up with an innovative algorithm signal processing DSP that is possible to increase the speed and endurance of flash memory, and reduce costs for its release. The company from Cupertino has acquired the startup in 2011.

Thanks to a new SSD controller Apple refused obsolete Protocol AHCI and thus improved the performance of the SSD. Manufactured in TSMC, the chip will be used in all future Mac models.

Commercial production according to the norms of 28 nm Taiwanese company started about five years ago. Now the share of 28-nanometer chips in the global production volume of greater than 75%. Last year they brought TSMC approximately 30% of total income.

The first wave of orders for the production of 28-nanometer chips was linked to the growing demand for smartphones and tablets, and among the major TSMC customers were Qualcomm, MediaTek, Apple, and Nvidia.

This year is expected to increase orders for 28-nanometer SSD controllers. Allegedly, in addition to Apple, the release of 28-nanometer SSD controllers TSMC will order and other companies, including Marvell Technology and Phison Electronics.

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