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TSMC will get all the orders for Apple’s A10 processors in 2016

The fight between Samsung and TSMC for the bulk of orders from Apple for the production of processors for iPhone and iPad is for more than a year. Most of the chips of the current generation is manufactured at the facilities of Samsung.

The next round, according to network sources, will be at TSMC. Confirming earlier information, DigiTimes claims that tavanski chipmaker in 2016 can receive all orders on 16-nanometer chips are Apple A10. According to available information, they will be produced using the technology of bulk packaging chips InFO (integrated fan-out).

Currently Apple is ordering platform of the previous generation at TSMC and Samsung. Accurate distribution of orders to them is unknown, but estimated 60-70% of deliveries SOC Apple A9 Samsung provides, 30-40% — TSMC.

I must say that the situation with the exclusive contract with TSMC seems extremely questionable, because in Cupertino have always tried to buy the major components from multiple manufacturers at the same time to minimize the reduction in the supply of devices in case one of the partners have any difficulties. Nevertheless, becoming the only provider of single-chip systems Apple A10, TSMC can further earn more than $300 million for 2016, and in 2017 — $1 billion

This year Apple orders TSMC has provided approximately 14% of all income. The forecast predicts that in 2016 this percentage will increase to 24%. In General, the income of TSMC next year will grow by 7.9%.

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