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TSMC this month will begin mass production of Apple A9 chips

TSMC and June will start production of new single-chip platforms Apple A9, which will be the basis of iPhones and iPad tablets the next generation. This was reported on Thursday ChinaTimes.

For many months in the web of conflicting rumors about who will get a large share of orders from Apple. In March, the media reported that TSMC will receive 40% of orders for new SoC for the iPhone. The rest allegedly went to Samsung. This explains the cooperation with the South Korean manufacturer GoldenFoundries and use of more advanced 14-nm process.

According to some reports, the 14-nm technology Samsung largely satisfied with Apple in terms of energy efficiency and cost than promoted by TSMC a bunch of “16 nm + FinFET”. It turns out that with all the desire to move away from each other, Apple and Samsung are forced to keep strong industrial links.

According to new information, the percentage of good products at TSMC was higher than that of the Samsung. The first produces solutions for 16-nm technology, while the second is more “subtle” 14-nanometer. As for the platform Apple A9X, which will be involved in the next generation iPad, its production will be entrusted exclusively to TSMC.

According to available data, system on a chip series Apple A9 will be 20% faster and 35% more economical than the chips used in the latest generation of Apple mobile devices.

About when to mass production of A9 chip will start Samsung, is unclear.

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