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Trying to update iPad to iOS 9.3 turned into a “brick” some tablets

Some owners of the iPad when you try to upgrade your operating system to iOS version 9.3 was faced with a serious problem. Users are complaining that installing a new OS over the air or via iTunes hangs at a stage of activation of the device: the tablet fails authorization. Users will not be able to return the device to work even a day after you start the upgrade.

Debuted on March 21, iOS software 9.3 is a major release with a large list of changes. The main innovation in OS mode is Night Shift, which at night automatically shifts the color temperature of the display to the warm end of the spectrum, which improves the process of falling asleep. Among the other innovations Apple notes, password protected Notes, enhanced version of the Apple News applications and “Health”, updated the CarPlay interface.

Some users iPad after trying to update the device to iOS 9.3 got the authorization error. It is only about tablets the second generation. Although initially there were speculations that the Apple servers overloaded due to the large number of simultaneous requests, people are not able to complete the installation of the OS even after 24 hours of release.

Some iPad owners were able to solve the problem with hanging a roundabout way: they have downloaded file of iOS 9.3 and installed it via iTunes. However, this method does not in all cases. Users on the Apple support forum suggest to use a full software reset.

One of the iPad owners have tried to get help at the Apple Store, but store employees have not solved the problem. Apple itself has not commented on the problems with the installation of iOS 9.3.

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