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Tricks with calculator: how MTS did pay for your “free” Internet

Edition Content Review considered the cost of use of free Internet MTS. To do this, the reviewers were required to carefully read the footnotes grey text in the basement of a message cell provider and press a few keys on the calculator. They know the price of “free” Internet.

It turns out that the “free” Internet from MTS will work only if the subscriber at least once in the past month exceeded the traffic quota and paid the money. Otherwise, the option is disabled. As a result the total expenditure for the year is $ 929 RR.

“You come to the salon and ask to issue a SIM card to connect by selecting “MTS Tablet Mini. Even if you won’t push a second SIM card “a gift” and will not connect diverse tones, you’ll have to execute a contract for the tariff “MTS-connect 4″. Since this is the only tariff to which you can connect MTS Mini Tablet”. At this point it appears that the connection will cost 700 rubles, which will be credited to the balance. But in reality, on the balance immediately after the activation of the SIM card will remain 1 ruble, as you will be charged 699 rubles for the first month of the connected machine package “Internet-Maxi”.

Well, you have to accept the fact that you have written off the 699 rubles for the fact that you didn’t have to. And suppose that you are smart enough to disable this package and avoid automatic money for the next month. On the balance of the 1 ruble, a month has passed and you can finally connect the “free” Internet. Rather, you assume that you can. It turns out that the connection of MTS Tablet Mini” costs 30 rubles. Putting money into the account, you finally begin to use the “free” Internet, which has already paid 729 rubles. Not forgetting once a month “knowingly” to exceed the quota in 17 megabytes a day and paying extra 20 rubles. The total expenditure for the year is $ 929.

In Content Review right — focuses on calculators more popular than we would like and are widely used in the industry of communication.

“In fairness, it should be noted that in the “Beeline” to get free Internet at a rate of 200 MB per month (no daily limit) you have to pay 550 rubles. Then you can be quiet — no additional automatic write offs “Beeline” unlike MTS does not. MegaFon has the option of the plan involves 20 free megabytes per day, provided that your account balance is not less than 30 rubles. To get such a SIM card will have to pay 200 rubles of advance on account, and from them — $ 100 for the connection of the option. In case of exceeding the quota of 20 megabytes, from the subscriber’s account, “the company writes off 30 rubles and gives the rest of the day additional 300 megabytes”.

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