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Traveler of the 21st century: a selection of the best apps to enjoy the trip

Those who like to travel a large number, but not all know how to simplify your life during the trip. Edition MacDigger is a selection of the best applications for those who can not sit still.

What are the main problems waiting for every fan to visit new places and countries? Everything is as usual: absence of the Internet, difficulty in orientation, often creepy and strange airports and need somewhere to sleep and something to eat (preferably inexpensive). With all these problems can easily help to cope advanced.

Where is the boarding gate? — App in the Air

Easy to get lost in, to forget to register in advance, lose your Luggage and sleep in the seat during long flights with multiple stopovers. Nothing terrible will happen if the pocket has a smartphone with the app App in the Air.

It will tell you all the information in advance I will remind that it is time to register or to run to the plane. Smart, free software with cool interface – without it the world does. Available for free in the App Store.

And where to live? — Get

While waiting for the arrival of the plane at the airport, you can book a hotel. But here’s the difficulty: everything is very expensive on on TripAdvisor do not have such a great selection, and other services generally are not familiar with.

Help Get – cool application in which you can choose any hotel, Guesthouse, hostel or a room to stay and not spend all the savings. What’s the point? The program compares the prices of all sites and offers the best option. If there is a million dollars in your pocket – you need to download!

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How to get to the hotel? —

No need to reinvent the wheel and suggest something less reliable. – unconditionally the best option. It’s simple: work do not need Internet during the trip, the downloaded card is accidentally deleted, the application can build routes as Hiking and Cycling, and car. Provides information about the best attractions.

This is the perfect app for those who on arrival do not want to shell out 50 bucks for a SIM card, and is willing to do hotel Wi-Fi and offline services. Soon the journey? Better download in advance – you can forget and get lost in the city.

But what to eat? — Foursquare

Better Foursquare hardly anything there. The application can find and pricey restaurant where dinner is unlikely to be cheaper than $ 200, and very simple diner, but with delicious pasta and pizza.

In Foursquare it is easy to find the right place, this will help the users of the service. There are a lot of reviews, ratings, photos, and locations of various establishments. Tasty, but expensive? It will say open. Burger for a penny, after which the toilet would be difficult to go all day? Also can not hide. Available for free in the App Store.

Do you have Wi-Fi? — Wi-Fi Map

Every time people ask this question on arrival in a cafe or restaurant. Why ask or to look for a place with free Internet if you can just download Wi-Fi Map and stop to worry about it.

The application has a large map, on which are located hundreds, if not thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots and passwords to them. In fact, wifi Map is a social network where everyone tells the others about the new found Wi-Fi. Need to download!

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How to get out of here? — Aviasales

Again – not a drop of new. There’s just nothing better. Aviasales – a wonderful app that will help you to find the cheapest ticket to a good plane. It compares prices at multiple sites and offers the user a choice.

Which is great, works not only with Russian companies, constantly evolving, adding new functions. In addition, if you sign up for a social network Aviasales, you can participate in regular lotteries and learn about discounts. Available for free in the App Store.

And that’s all?

Yeah, that’s all. The above-mentioned application the main, they are able to solve the main problems of the traveler and make his trip pleasant and comfortable. Everything else is just for him: shopping Mall, meeting new people and great pictures. Successful trips!

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