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Transistor – love and cyberpunk

Before you make a Transistor, the author knocked down gaming community by releasing Bastion. And even earlier – was sitting in the chair of the chief editor of GameSpot. And even earlier – sitting on the lap of his mother left Moscow to permanently settle in the USA. The curve of fate eventually led him to where he is now – in the status of one of the strongest indie developers. To evaluate the success and you can now download the recently released iOS Transistor.

Originally Transistor resembles the second album of a musician, unexpectedly shooting first. Well, you know – the crisis of the sequel, “continued weak after a brilliant first job” and it’s all here – now, to Transistor it is irrelevant.

Overpower the first hour is force yourself, plead with yourself, you can threaten yourself. Because the second hour of the game turns into a single impression of something beautiful – so much so that stamped the phrase about “don’t let go until the final” ashamed and write. Don’t let go – it’s not so bad: after a Transistor, I want to buy the whole soundtrack in the App Store (good there), install on all devices Wallpapers with the heroine, and then long to think how to live further.

They took her voice. They are unknown digital beings of the highest order. She is a tall girl with a lush head of hair, illuminating every week the people of this dull town with their singing. Between them is a long story that begins with a devastating intonation – the city is empty, something happened. Understanding what is happening, we will restore the chronology is similar ploy was used in Bastion.

But there was a different narrator! In the colorful debut of a cute grandpa, old man, do not hesitate to lie on the go – in the end, his stories brought not quite what it should be. In Transistor the role of the narrator taking on the romantic voice that comes from the sword of the heroine. There’s more – we’ve (and therefore the girl) to lie though, because for the former the singer looks like he’s got a strong sense that something similar was in the movie “her” where a mediocre writer fell in love with the voice assistant.

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These two will be floating on the surface of a deserted city, cleaning off any remnants of filth – the heroine is hunted and unimaginable digital caricatures constantly be blocking our path. She sends them in technoid the sword without lifting blade: weapons shoot streams of energy. Battles much tied to a pause: time is stopped, you draw a plan of action: where to run, whom to shoot, I would. Having defined, unpause and watch as the girl in the fast-winding mode executes the commands. Despite the slight curvature of this method, problems should arise. Especially since the heroine acquires new functions, grows in levels and the hour is getting stronger.
However, you need to understand Transistor is not gameplay. Here he is moderately good, slightly boring and highly boring to final seventh or eighth hour, but still, Transistor – not the best game in the world.

Its just a must see. “Plug in your headphones,” says game and this is the case when it is necessary to obey. Before my eyes – digital Pastorale, looking like something from a Philip dick: distant curve of tall buildings around girls – dark, scary cubes built the winning corporations. In this world you want to live, but he didn’t want to leave – grid residential areas Enlaces, durmanila the strange veil, which comes only from cyberpunk.

The main character in the middle of this – the light in the ancient cave; it is not surprising that the powers that be decided to put it out. Everything is bright, lively and festive comes from our girls; the eternal history of light and darkness has never been embodied so clearly.

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Transistor appeared on iOS recently, but has already managed to bring rustle in the world of small screens – there is such a long time not seen. Bastion was a great game with a strong story – but to such heights did not get even close; before us is something completely alien from another Universe.
The game is worth 599 rubles – quite decent money, however, it is not a pity to give.

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