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Transformers: Forged to Fight – the battle of robots

Everyone knows that transformers are cool. Huge robots that are able to gather in expensive cars (and not only) who regularly beat each other with metal muzzle – well, what could be better? The authors of video games, apparently, a different view: for them, transformers is a fundamentally boring, crooked, and lame entertainment for the most marginalized segments of the population. But nothing – we waited a long time for holiday, we waited finally appeared a normal game about robots-cars.

The genre is fighting, the authors are already lit up with a good Contest of Champion where you had to exchange slaps. Here is the deal, of course, somewhat different: robots beating each other that is urine, and it looks terribly beautiful. Graphics Forged to Fight impressive, but in another case – the authors somehow managed to convey all that metal aggression that seemingly float in the air. Giant Optimus Prime swings, hits, sparks fly; not enough unless the spilled engine oil. All very bright and fun carnival – this should be a game about fighting robots.

Management – the main scourge of fighting games for mobile – here is implemented exactly as it should. Forget the scattering of touch buttons, which are supposedly frantically need to press. Everything is simple and easy: strike a swipe, the robot strikes. Much depends on the context – if the enemy is far away, shoot, if it is close, it will be a series of hooks. Don’t forget about defense, because the Decepticons don’t sleep, and also trying to get you to the motor.

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Especially pleasing in the game a strong attack – transformer turns into his alter-ego. The same Optimus turns into a truck, and with scope enters the opponent – have fun! An alternative form of Bumble, Starscream and others, it seems, remember everything. There are special moves, like the X-Ray in Mortal Kombat. You save energy, run up to enemy, press a button, and starts a real massacre.

Between fights spinning a full story to pay much attention to him not worth it, but, um, “traveler mode”. From fight to fight you literally go – the main character is running to a new level. Along the way you can spend the earned coins for every need: improving impact, a new technique, or something similar. Don’t skimp – transformers divided into ratings, and if the virtual opponent will be stronger, you simply do not survive. Yes, it disadvantages shareware monetization – some point game just put the question bluntly: either you get 500 times trying to smack bream this guy or just buy new equipment. Alas, none of us is perfect.

Like any good fighting game, there is multiplayer. Like any good f2p project, the winner is basically the most generous, not the most agile. Nothing can be done, but the first fight can be and no – not all opponents buy the victory, so that his share fair of fights you’ll get.

In General, Forged to Fight – an entertaining and colorful game about the massacre of two parts. Such things are, by definition, a failure can not be, but the authors have tried not only to exploit the fertile material, but also to fasten a good idea, something different. Turned out pretty good – at least for the first few hours.

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