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Transcend has introduced a USB flash drive with integrated Lightning connector

In modern electronics, as a rule, works on multiple platforms. Smartphones, tablets and PCs are equipped with different interfaces and are not compatible with each other. Solution was proposed by Transcend, which has released a compact USB flash drive JetDrive Go 300.

Flash drive JetDrive Go 300 is equipped with USB and Lightning. Using a standard computer port, you can connect it to a computer or tablet with USB OTG support. The Lightning connector is designed for mobile devices – iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The presence of two interfaces provides the ability to easily transfer files between different systems without using a network connection.

When transferring data through Lightning connector speed can reach 20 Mbps, if you use the Transcend JetDrive Go 300 to the USB port 3.1 data you can copy at speed up to 130 MB/s.

For users of new items in the App Store there is a free application JetDrive Go App. The program “one touch” allows you to synchronize data on the JetDrive Go 300, and the memory of your smartphone or tablet. In addition, the client offers built-in tools to view the content iPhone and iPad: photos, music, videos and documents.

“USB flash drive” Transcend is available in black and silver versions of the aluminum case and equipped with two protective caps. The drive is available with memory of 32 and 64GB.

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