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Traffic police will release a mobile app for “denunciations” on violators of traffic rules

The traffic police is developing a mobile app that will allow drivers to report violators on the road, filming them on video. Told about it in interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” the head of traffic police Viktor Nilov.

The system, which will allow road users to report violators on the roads, developing the state traffic Inspectorate of MIA of Russia. In order to make them responsible drivers, passengers or pedestrians need to capture video using the smartphone app.

“There are some conditions under which this will be done. The offence should be removed using special software, which will need to download on your smartphone or tablet,” — said Viktor Nilov. It is reported that the Agency will be able to identify who reported the violation of traffic rules.

“We see this as an prospect. If we will be able to create a system of intolerance to violations of the rules, it will encourage many not to break, — said the head of the SAI. — If today the drivers in the thread will understand that citizens who move around you as the driver with the DVR, a pedestrian or a passenger, can send the Police information on any violations, it will discipline”.

Nilov stressed that to date has prepared amendments to the legislation under which the traffic police can take information from citizens and to bring offenders to responsibility according to the principle of automatic photo and video recording.

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