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Toyota introduced a robot avatar with a remote control for 5G network

01.12.2018 Erika J. Wells 0 Comments

A famous car manufacturer Toyota continues to experiment in robotics. This time the company is working on a bot with a remote control like in the movie “Avatar”.


Teaming up with the largest operator in Japan, NTT Docomo, Toyota engineers were able to remotely control a robot-a humanoid T-HR3 connected to the 5G network, with distances of 10 kilometers. The first generation of the bot, presented a year ago, was controlled by only using a direct wired connection.

Humanoid robot of the third generation from Toyota – T-HR3 – was originally developed for remote human control. The operators of these bots use a special “base” with compartments for arms, legs and head. The “base” is equipped with a display, which allows them to see the world from a person “Avatar.” The robot in turn, send signals to operators, allowing them to better understand the environment and securely control the bot.


Toyota engineers noted that wireless control of the robot with minimal delay made possible only because of network throughput the fifth generation.

The purpose of one of the largest representatives of the automotive industry is that eventually the robot could be used to assist patients or evacuate people, as well as for persons with disabilities. The company also announced a “more ambitious demonstration” of the robot, which will take place on 6 December at the exhibition center Docomo in Tokyo.



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