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Toyota Concept-i: this could be an electric car Apple

While the world is in anticipation of the imminent release of frameless iPad, analysts already speculate about the next The Next Big Thing from Apple — secret project Titan. Most likely, we are talking about self-driving electric car. Reviewers Auto.Tut believe that Apple still dare to release your own car, it will look like a Toyota Concept, presented at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

On the technical characteristics of Concept-i know nothing — “trick” the device is not in the engine and transmission, and in artificial intelligence, the development of which the Japanese firm has been doing for more than a year. The concept is still far from the transformation in a serial machine, but the developers themselves call it “the next important step towards the implementation of safe and advanced Autonomous driving”.

Onboard artificial intelligence Concept-i communicates and interacts with the driver via sound and light signals, while monitoring the traffic situation. If desired, the driver can take it over (fortunately some semblance of steering, but rather steering wheel, the developers decided to leave) — depending on the driving mode changes illumination of the exterior panels and interior.

Led backlight penetrates the floor and sidewall interior can change color and brightness depending on the mood. Navigation prompts are displayed directly on the windshield and duplicated a pleasant synthesized voice. In addition, the machine can interact with people through touch, generated by movable partitions scaly surfaces.

Can artificial intelligence Concept-i get out of control? The answer to this question can only give a mass operation. By the way, the voice assistant Siri on the iPhone not once scared users pretty strange reactions, which can even be identified as aggression, but gadgets are unlikely to harm humans, but the car… well, let’s hope that if the Concept-i get to the end consumer, be a dear and bring only benefit and joy.

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