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Toy Wars Gold Edition: The Story of Army Heroes – toy war

Before in the lives of young (very young) people burst high technology, toys were quite simple: the curved stick, a straight stick, piece of wood, an old ball (with only one hernia!) and, of course, the main male charm – a colony of soldiers. Half of the company after some fierce wars could not stand, some units in the field amputated limb, but it’s better … the game was not. Apparently, the authors of Mother Gaia Studio felt the same way and made a game of real toy soldiers – Toy Wars. Recently got the gold edition, which includes a new campaign, no ads and a starting price tag of 169 rubles.

The disposition of forces is quite simple: there are green soldiers (yours), red (enemy). The task of the commander in the face of you – to destroy the Reds, but so as not to hurt their friendly fire here are full on. All military operations are done for some reason separate gun she has to shoot the infidels.

A total of four volleys, and the opponents are scattered all over the map – often next to your soldiers. It hinders and complicates the work, but in the game you can adjust the size of produced core – the larger the projectile, the wider the affected area. Therefore, somewhere from the 10th level begins endless millimetrovie: aiming to shoot the opponent, but not their catch. Over time, the soldiers joined by helicopters – they are annoyingly flying up and down, to get much more complicated.

The first campaign against red – lasts 20 levels and, in principle, no problem: I’ll run for half an hour. The second campaign against the Golden soldiers – and there increasingly difficult. Not only that there are tanks (scatter with two hits). Moreover, in the case enters the aircraft, cut the circles by level (incredibly annoying). So also civilian hostages! To get to them easier, but the game play it beats mercilessly on the fingers – the coveted three stars you’ll never see if you hit on peace.

Overall Toy Wars Gold Edition: The Story of Army Heroes – is quite charming and pretty fun. Cons still there – for example, the game is terribly short. And as if to say… from the idea of “toy soldiers go to war against each other,” you can squeeze a hundred times more. Ah, well, the price tag is 170 rubles for this, excuse me, a lot. However, you can still try the free version which is without “Golden” prefixes.

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