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Tour of a secret lab, where he tested a new line of wireless accessories Apple

Along with the updated model monoblock iMac Apple introduced the next generation of branded peripherals — Apple computer mice, keyboards and trackpads. Journalist Steven levy, who visited a secret laboratory of the company, told how he had developed and tested new keyboard, mouse and trackpad for Mac

According to Lookatme, the laboratory is located in the headquarters of Apple in Cupertino. Earlier in her never allowed journalists or photographers, says. Even now he showed not all areas of the building.

One of the main directions of the laboratory — testing prototypes of new keyboards, mice and trackpads. For example, in one of the tests, on the hands and wrists fastened about six sensors, while typing on a keyboard. Sensors need to monitor how the muscles respond to work.

“We monitor muscle fatigue and memory, acoustics, precision, and conduct other tests for all keyboards,” says Kate Bergeron, Vice-President of products and technology ecosystems. For printing on the keyboards there are two key performance indicators: accuracy of set and comfortable. Recent tests have shown that users get used to new keyboards for the iMac, which was released on 13 October, faster than past models. They also more often than before, fell into the center of the keys.

Accessories are also experiencing in the stands. Some robots you press the keys, to check the work of their mechanism, while others hold the test of endurance. For the last machine produces around 5 million clicks on the main buttons.

All keyboard — new and mass produced is tested for noise level in an anechoic chamber. First, assess the level of noise, secondly, the sound from the print. To do this in the lab by inviting people with a musical ear, which suggest that you change the sound with keys, so it was pleasing to the ear. For example, to make lower.

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For mice and trackpads there is a special test for stability and traction, during which the mechanical arm carries them on glass, metal, plastics, wood or concrete.

For different keyboards in the Apple develop original mechanisms of keystrokes. To better understand how they work, the laboratory prototype collect the keys, which is several times greater than the serial model. For rapid prototyping engineers have a 3D-printer MakerBot. On it, in particular, the snap-in type for testing.

For Magic mouse 2 will have to pay 6 500 rubles, keyboard, Magic Keyboard will cost 8 700 rubles, and the new Magic trackpad 2 will release the wallet on 10 500 roubles.

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