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Touchpad instead of the keyboard: this will be the next-gen MacBook pros [gallery]

The world of touchscreens have become part of our lives: smartphones, tablets, terminals dashboard. The last word the laptops that in the near future to say farewell to a mechanical keyboard. Patent application for non-keyboard laptop Apple, registered in the U.S. patent Office and trademark United States, embodied in the realistic concept MacBook Pro new generation.

The author of the work is the designer Daniel Braunsteiner. Described by the artist laptop computer devoid of a standard keyboard. As input devices it uses a huge touchpad, sensitive to force of pressing and occupying the greater part of the laptop. The idea is to abandon the traditional keyboard with mechanical buttons that will allow users to customize the touchpad and place on it the required blocks of buttons such as numeric keypad.

Huge touch surface to provide tactile feedback thanks to the Taptic Engine module and the light passing through the mesh of small holes on the surface of the touch panel, will be responsible for the display of virtual keys.

No matter in what country you purchased the MacBook and what it has the layout, it can be changed with just a few clicks. And, if necessary, hide the keyboard from the screen, and use the touchscreen to draw with the Pencil.

Alas, at the moment it is only a concept-art laptop. However, in this case we are talking about imaging patent, Apple was last year. It is hoped that the company will decide all questions about the optimization of non-keyboard MacBook Pro, and will present a novelty in the near future.

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