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Touch keyboard on the new MacBook will replace the touchpad

Apple received a patent for a keyboard for computers, which works on the principle of virtual keyboards of the block. The gadget combines the input device with the traditional mechanical buttons and touch sensors that recognize two stages of depression. Reports resource Patently Apple.

The patent, entitled “Combination keyboard”, was granted the US Patent office this week. The patent application Apple filed in September 2011.

Unlike the MacBook keyboard or separate keyboards that use a dome or membrane technology with a single position is pressed, a new two-position keyboard Apple is able to recognize two types of taps. Additionally, the keys will get a touch surface and will act as a touchpad. With this keyboard you can control the functions of an operating system, using the familiar to Mac users gestures.

Apple engineers describe several technologies by which the keyboard will be distinguished management with gestures and various pressing: first pressing will be interpreted as standard, stronger — as the clicking of a mouse button.

Innovative keyboard can be used in new, thinner MacBook models or separate keyboards for computers. The timing of the implementation of the development in the Apple traditionally do not say anything.

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