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Touch ID makes the MacBook Pro the best Mac in history

MacBook Pro last year received the biggest update in the history of the series. And it is not only a radically new design, a new set of ports and improved performance, but above all, the emergence of innovative control: optional touch mini Touch screen Bar with the integrated fingerprint scanner Touch ID. The fingerprint module in the new MacBook Pro can without exaggeration be called the main advantage of the “Apple” of new products over any other laptop.

You can create complicated passwords

The introduction of Touch ID in Macs, iPhone and iPad have allowed users to create longer and more complex passwords for your Apple ID. In the past people understood that this password will have to keep in mind and constantly enter. Now you can set a password of any complexity and log into the device and make purchases in the App Store by touching dactyloscopy. Of course, the password is sometimes required, but it can be stored in the same 1Password that supports authentication via Touch ID.

You can protect your data by setting a complex password at least 25 characters, but to log in by fingerprint. As in the case of the iPhone, on a Mac you need to manually enter the password only after a reboot and OS updates.

The biometric information on the MacBook Pro securely protected. Check input Touch ID serves the dedicated Apple T1, which represents not that other, as the CPU of the SiP Apple S2. Integrated Secure Enclave in T1 creates a secure layer between the OS and the three managed devices — scanner Touch ID, Touch Bar and a web camera. In addition, the on-screen dialogs Apple Pay for security reasons is entirely rendered on T1 and store access passwords, the Keychain also occurs through the chip.

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Touch ID in apps

At the moment, not all applications for macOS support Touch ID. But those that have already received support for the fingerprint scanner, really simplify working with the device. You can create an account on any service with a complex password to make it into the 1Password database and to authenticate a fingerprint.

Apple Pay is paired with Touch ID – an indispensable thing. Buying anything online has never been easier.

That is why developers should think about integrating their apps with Touch ID. It will be useful for social networking, banking services, email clients and any other applications where the required authorisation.

Touch ID makes the Mac more secure, the sensor just makes it easier. As mentioned above, you can create a complicated password without worrying that it will have to enter each time. In order not to forget it, data can be saved in an application like 1Password, which can be accessed by fingerprint. It’s really fast and convenient.

Sometimes Touch ID is still better off

A good idea before you go through security at the airport to disable the unlock iPhone via Touch ID instead of a password. Similarly, on a Mac it is sometimes necessary to use the usual password. In different countries different laws. It is much easier to force you to put finger on the scanner to unlock the Mac, rather than the password.

Touch ID for all!

Touch ID is a great technology, so we hope that Apple is already working on a Magic keyboard with support for the fingerprint sensor to desktop computer users can also protect their data. In addition, soon we can expect support for many Mac applications.

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