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Touch Bar in the new MacBook Pro – a useless toy, and all the arguments Apple far-fetched?

In the network massively criticized Apple for Touch Bar – new control MacBook Pro. Like, mini display often freezes, inconvenient to use and do not need Mac users. Reader MacDigger Gleb Enikeev after a week with the new laptop shared his thoughts about the touchpad, a new “proshek”.

Features Touch Bar, very comfortable and are present in almost all the most popular applications. With each update the operating system, its capabilities are expanding and will soon be present almost everywhere. The very touch of the Touch Bar gives pleasure to the finger as if he glides on this smooth, slightly Matt surface.

The most popular examples of the application Bar Touch – it-forward when watching a video, which is incredibly convenient compared to the classical method. Even works on YouTube. The touch panel is fully realized with the use of sliders screen brightness, adjust volume, brightness keyboard. It is also used when editing photos and videos, offers a wide range of functionality in all office applications Apple, in the management of the tabs in Safari and other everyday online activities. Panel Touch Bar are very convenient in everyday’s popular actions, such as changing the language and creating screenshots.

“I use a new Mac for a week and never, in any application not faced with the hovering Touch Bar, – said Gleb. In the end, those who are not satisfied with an innovative solution kupertinovtsy can replace the functionality of the touch bar classic and familiar keys f1-f12”.

When we talk about the possibilities of the Touch Bar must be borne in mind that the function keys on the conventional keyboard are rarely used, and the solution offered by Apple is a universal working tool that many people underestimate. Possible OLED panels help not only professionals to work with video in Final Cut Pro or create a presentation in Keynote, but also for ordinary users who buy the new generation of laptops, not for “stuffing”, and for the design and name.

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Touch Bar is not the only “drawback”, which is credited with the new MacBook Pro. The presence of one USB-C port, a huge touchpad and other features of the new models for some reason, many refer to the shortcomings. True or still someone’s opinion, which is imposed on us? Talk about this in a later article.

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