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Totem Rush – war of the totems

Genre codenamed “collect three crystals in a row” as far as popular as they were worn out – almost every day there are games in this format for a quarter of a century, and, of course, all formulas have long been tried. There are match-3 the play, with console graphics, non-linear levels and the only not – it would seem, what else can you think? In fact, it is possible to breed a genre, for example, with strategies. Intrigued?

Totem Rush can be divided into two parts (strictly speaking, to do so, and need) – the one where the crystals are multi-colored totems), and the one where management, construction and microtransactions. Both parts are, in fact, not as obvious as it may seem.

Match-3 the game features the classics, but with some injections of innovation. The basis is the same – you have to put in a number of totems of the same color, they are grouped will disappear, leaving a beautiful glow and other artists drawn to the special effects. Of course, the more gems you collect, the stronger the effect – for example, from four figures, one is born totem-lightning, which when annihiliating devour the whole series. It is clear. But the problem is more interesting – you almost never ask to gain some abstract points – no, you have other goals. For example, to neutralize a couple of the pirates – it is necessary to lay down totems on the neighbouring villains cage. Moreover, the pirates are not sitting on rum they shoot the totems without letting play safely.

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After you play a game, get an increase to the Treasury – and will start the second part of the game is equally amazing. Turn on classic mobile strategy – you have the island, it is necessary to equip. You can build all sorts of useful life buildings – they will add coins and life points – can build defenses: palisade, guns, traps. Don’t neglect safety measures, because at some point on your island to land… other player.

Yes, there is something like PvP. You can attack and then carefully placed the fence will prevent the totems is emerging in the ranks. But to attack and you can – in addition to “scene” mode from level to level, there is a form of multiplayer. The app will provide you with adequate opponent, you will land on the shore with an army of totems, and begin to play match-3 – if successful, plundered the island.

Improper conduct online bring good dividends, but to heighten the incentive is there and the high score table after each successful level, the game will analyze your deeds, and may raise higher in the ranks. If you play it in Totem Rush is not alone, but with friends, the spirit of competition is provided.

Looks nice Rush Totem: totems are fun and funny, and a strategy map as in any mobile analogue: a lot of colors, colors and people smiling. Can be zero rubles, zero kopecks, of course, if you will not voluntarily make donations – for example, in the crystals. However, it is possible not to do transactions you make life easier, but will hardly make a storm of local waters.

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