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Total War Battles: KINGDOM – the epic battle for mobile

When large companies are shifting flagship series phones and tablets, usually nothing good happens – the game does not fit in any mobile framework or in the console. For example, with Assassin’s Creed, which attempted to resemble and older version, and the mobile game. In the end, did not work either; earlier there was a similar situation with a stripped-down Civilization. Total War made a great series about war and peace, on mobile, it seemed, did not appear at all: too broad in the scope of the original. The series is hard to imagine even on regular consoles (Total War there, by the way, not), to say nothing about the phones. But no – the Japanese publisher SEGA has managed to cram a huge world of Total War in your pockets. However, by taking huge cuts.

The difference KINGDOM from the elder brother catch the eye more or less at once: there is no step-by-step system on the strategic map. No, in General, even enemies behind the fog of war obscured the territory of others, but they were not guarded. The background is that all areas except the original, the father of your hero at the time, ignominiously lost. Now on border there are towers, not allowing to go further. To sew back once spent regions, need to pay tribute to the owner or to comply with its terms – say, to go through a certain mission on hard difficulty. Usually it’s easy enough to open the tasks screen, click on “start” and nakostylyat opponents.

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Fans of Total War, now, probably in frustration. Mission? No other factions? There is no transition speed? What’s actually going on? Moreover, the battles in KINGDOM almost automatic. Before each battle, you are lined up five or six regiments – forget about ten-thousand battles, here the upper threshold depends on several hundred soldiers. Each squad show where to go and who to beat soldiers dutifully go to perform. Still, you can apply the skills obtained through the buildings of the churches – to teach spearmen lingering roar, distracting attention, and archers aim more precisely.

Cards in battles are small, so space to fly tactical thought not; to what extent the war in a KINGDOM reminiscent of the classic “wall to wall”. But some patterns need to comply with: so, it makes no sense to throw the cavalry into spearmen and archers to throw into melee. Sometimes you have to reflect over the formation, sometimes over additional units like ballistae. In any case, the Macedonian battles in the game, but, on the other hand, you envision a classic Total War on the phone screen? So a compromise is meaningful and even true.

Moreover the strategic map in KINGDOM almost like the older. Field is divided into cells – each one can put some barracks, the smithy, the house of a woodcutter or a training tyre. In matters of the economy employs a simple logic: we should not put the quarry in the desert, and the yard is three kilometres from water. Based on the extraction of resources – has captured the region with a high content of forests swarmed his lumberjacks and the trick.

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Just a few game types of resources, each of which you will have no problems. Except for one thing – gold. The attentive reader probably noticed that KINGDOM shareware – therefore leading resource, gold is hard to earn but easy to buy and even easier to spend. The ingots go to a lot of needs: from the acceleration of construction to upgrade the forge and the opening of new units. Not gonna lie, if you are going to place the KINGDOM in hoarder mode, you will be hard – play hard-taking plodders in the iron legs and either russulaceae or exposes for frost.

In the KINGDOM there are duels, small quests and battles with his fellow man – but in order to do this you need to upgrade your main character. The character grows in levels and painfully slow, and the missions (and missions in the spirit of “build five houses”) are not particularly encouraging – as much as possible. The first few hours in the game allotted for the monotonous knocking of experience points: completed the mission, closed the job, the procedure was repeated. It is known that the KINGDOM will expand – promise, among other things, the campaign, but will edit in the initial stages skewed the balance? The big question.

In the beginning we mentioned that the hybrid mobile games computer rarely comes out with something worthwhile. In this KINGDOM a good plan – here roll, after all, in a mobile way. In including the negative connotation of this side: Donat is sure to be annoying the first few hours, but the significant reduction of almost all the “chips” of Total War (“where is the diplomacy?!”) will turn away from lovers of the original.

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It turns out that the game is able to attract increasingly mobile players who are tired of the stupid farm, but not yet ready to take on these RTS originally PC – perhaps there are many such people, isn’t it? But to give a chance to the KINGDOM it is necessary. Even if you resent the global strategy. Especially if you resent the global strategy – experienced fans of the series will spit, but moderately interested comrades in the KINGDOM can find a middle ground.

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