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Top reasons why users abandon Android and move to iPhone

After the release of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus many get the idea to go on iOS, the list of innovations for it: amazing camera, blazing performance, waterproof design, new colors and “chips” iOS 10. Stop can only be price of smartphones. And yet, many Android fans have decided to look towards the iPhone. On Reddit users explained why they made the choice in favor of Apple.

“Must be something with the way updates are released, if this is at all possible to do something. This is one of the main reasons why I gave up smartphones Galaxy. The term support does not go to any comparison with the iPhone,” – writes user under the name pwnedkiller, the owner of a new iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB.

“I had Nexus 4, 6, and 7 LTE. For the last two updates was delayed by almost 6 months. And it is smartphones that are sold by Google itself!” writes vitismycollege.

“Had to wait 3 months before the patch came out 6.0.1 for my Nexus 6. Update 7.1.1 was released only last week and I have not yet received the OTA update. It’s definitely a problem even for Nexus devices” – agrees with him luxtabula.

In the Android environment, a very large range of screens and hardware, therefore, to ensure that the operating system and the app worked quickly and without “brakes”, developers must use a much more powerful “stuffing” than Apple, offsetting the difference in devices. And still iPhone ahead of the performance of its competitors, including by optimising the OS.

“Damn Samsung. Their software is terrible, and the updates have to wait forever. Now with the update it became a little better, but TouchWiz is a nightmare. Need to try hard to do something so unoptimized, lagausie and devouring the battery” – outraged PM_ME.

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Some users say that Apple devices use less battery power. For example, according to the observations of one of the users for 8.5 hours of active work on the iPhone 7 had spent 60% charge on a Samsung Galaxy S7 for the same period was 20%. Autonomy – one of the main aspects, which mention almost everyone who switched from Android to iPhone.

In addition, users praise the Apple ecosystem as a whole. Thanks to the “cloud” sync devices and functions Continuity and Hand-off, you can work at all connected to your Apple ID devices and synchronize data between them.

“Tired of having to constantly flash a new ROM and kernels in order to find a suitable version of Android, as well as endless locks and constantly discharging battery. iPhone gave the feeling of “same” devices for work and leisure. Now that I’m here, I can say that the Apple ecosystem is almost perfect and although at times I envy some Android devices, I’m too invested the ecosystem to refuse it,” writes Marino4K.

Although many believe the possibility of extensive customization Android advantage, there are users who disagree.

“Always had the desire to Tinker with your Android. Another ROM, another pack of icons-more, more, more this, blah blah. Tired of it all and realized that the iPhone is much better,” writes FOTHAN.

“I have the same thing with Android. Could never stay on one thing. I continued to change launchers, icon sets, fonts, animation, text color… It was almost torture: what looked good today, tomorrow seemed disgusting. With the iPhone I use the phone, not to endlessly customize and change the OS. The interface of iOS and so gorgeous,” adds mayaisme.

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Of course, to compare operating systems and devices of competitors is endless, and the choice of ecosystems – it is subjective, but in this case, we decided to share the reviews of those who previously used Android smartphone, but because of problems with the smartphone switched to the iPhone.

We believe that the advice and opinions of users is to listen – recently, Tim cook said that the number of “switchers” this year reached a record high, which confirms the above.

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