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Top Manager of Foxconn explained the high cost of iPhone 8

08.08.2017 0 Comments

One of the Executive Directors of the Foxconn Rongsheng Luo (Luo Zhongshang) explained why the iPhone 8 may not be cheap. According to him, the reason is the complexity of manufacturing OLED displays.


Top Manager of Foxconn explained the high cost of iPhone 8

As informs Chinese resource MyDrivers, the head of Foxconn said that the iPhone Apple decided to use a frameless OLED display, with a notch at the top, which will be located front camera and scanner recognition. It is because of this seizure have a special way to cut OLED panel, and as a result this greatly complicates the manufacture of screens.

According to Rongsheng, because of the need to cut the screen in a special way, 40% of the OLED panels to be defective. Therefore, their production in the right amount of Apple is not only wasteful of time and resources, but also costly. As a result, ready iPhone 8 will cost wishing at least $1000.


It is noteworthy that interviews with Dongchangan on MyDrivers almost immediately, it was removed. Probably at the request of Foxconn, or Apple.

Recall that around the upcoming release of the iPhone 8 has already gathered a considerable amount of rumors. According to recent reports Apple has already started mass Assembly of new smartphones in order to prepare a sufficient number of devices for presentation in September.


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