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Top 8 useful fitness apps for Apple Watch

To make the Apple Watch really helpful for those who are engaged in fitness, Apple invited a team of developer Jay Blahnik – a real guru of the sport. He took up the post of medical consultant and was able to make the smart watch the Apple become really useful to your health.

Blahnik became famous due to the fact that within 20 years consulting and individual trainings on the verge of fitness and nutrition. He has published several best-selling books, devoted to his work, and participated in the development of Nike+, which uses wearable sensors and a system app and private social network. In the Apple Jay Blahnik is primarily responsible for the fitness direction.

The following selection of sports applications from Mhealth is another argument in favor of the fact that a wearable Apple computer can do a active person in good stead.

Runtastic Pro

This app tracks your sports training (distance, duration, speed, elevation, calories burned, etc.) and will not let you moonlight while running, Cycling and walking. Bonuses: the use of GPS so you can track your route right on your wrist.

Lifesum – fitness assistant and calorie counter

Free fitness assistant and calorie counter App will help keep you under the watchful control of their daily nutrition and physical activity. Product selection, menu planning — and all this on the basis of data about the state of your body going for the day with the help of Apple Watch and iPhone are imported into the Health app Lifesum and are used for optimal recommendations. And, of course, your results and achievements can be shared in Facebook and Twitter.

Cyclemeter GPS

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If you can’t imagine my life without pedaling, this free valorisatie will serve you excellent service. Cyclemeter GPS allows you to keep statistics of visits, to monitor their movements on the map and works as a stopwatch. Update for Apple Watch can display the current clock speed, the fastest results, weather conditions, and much more – to display the available options as much as 220.


Very convenient and intuitive free application that is customized for any workout, from Jogging to rock climbing and Curling. Tracking of routes, statistics, the publication of the workouts — it’s very simple, logical and convenient.


Already known and rather popular iPhone app, Pedometer++ is now available for Apple Watch. Now to deceive ourselves will be extremely difficult: the number of passed you for a day of steps will loom on the screen of the Apple Watch, and thus hardly influence the degree of charging of the device battery.

Fitness Point Pro

For this simple but very useful application will have to pay 299 rubles, and then carefully monitor your progress in the gym. The interface screens are clear even to child and are not clogged with unnecessary elements and information that distracts from the workout. Plus to save time, field weight and number of repetitions are automatically populated with your last values.


Enter in the fields your height, weight, age, tell about the lifestyle, and Waterbalance completely free of charge will begin to monitor the level of fluid in your body and help to control the water balance.

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Pacer – Pedometer plus

Another very handy and free tool that tracks your activity throughout the day, including your steps, calories burned and periods of activity. The chip applications — competition mode where you can compete for the championship in terms of physical activity with their friends.

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