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Top 7 covers Spigen (SGP) for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Accessories Spigen searching in the Network more often. Why cases of this brand are so popular in Europe, USA and Russia? High quality workmanship at the factory in South Korea, the wide opening in the center connecting the Lightning cable, which is important when buying a harness for third-party enhanced design of the plug, not only the style but also functional protection – all this makes the Spigen cases for the iPhone 7/7 Plus one of the best on the market.

Air Skin

The Air Skin case is ideal for those who want to increase the thickness or weight of your device, but at the same time to worry about scratches on the case. Air Skin is the thinnest in the line — its thickness is only 0.36 mm. Case made of polypropylene, has an anti-slip effect and does not collect fingerprints. It should be noted that the accessory is compatible with the car holder. Air Skin is available in five colors that blend with the colors of the iPhone 7.

Thin Fit

Thin Fit is the second thickness and weight of the case in the line — 1.3 mm and 18 grams respectively. The accessory is made of polycarbonate and has non-slip effect. In the presence of a slot for the magnet plate to use magnetic holders. Case perfectly protects the camera glass and has openings for all buttons of the smartphone. For additional protection of the display provides a side. Thin Fit is also available in the colors under the colors of iPhone 7, including “black onyx”.

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Liquid Armor

Liquid Armor is shock-resistant case made from matte thermoplastic polyurethane with engraved triangles for enhanced cushioning and grip. Accessory boasts military grade protection MIL-STD and passed 26 tests at the drop height of 1.2 meters. Despite the high degree of protection, the case is quite thin and increases the thickness of the iPhone 7 only 0.3 mm. moreover, it is flexible and has bumpers to protect display.

Liquid Armor will not scratch the surface of the device and does not collect fingerprints. As with the previous instances there is a protection camera. Since Liquid Armor is a more secure solution, all the buttons on the edges of the iPhone are closed, but they remain quite responsive and easy to press.

Neo Hybrid

Neo Hybrid combines excellent protection and interesting style. The characteristics of a case similar to Liquid Armor – military grade protection, engraving, rim for additional screen protection, protect the camera and control buttons, the small thickness. However, the case has a special design – polyurethane lining and bumper from the hard plastic. Thereby is achieved an even higher level of protection. The range is available in three colors – black, silver and gold.

Ultra Hybrid

Spigen Ultra Hybrid is ideal for those who appreciate minimalism and protection. As the previous two case, Ultra Hybrid protected by military standards, has technology protection Air-Cushion, which protects the corners of the device due to air cushions, protect camera, mounted on the side of the screen and withstands drops from heights of 1.2 meters. It is noteworthy that the back of the case is made of crystal clear plastic, while the flexible bumper from the hard plastic, silver, pink, green or black. Most accessories of this type will eventually turn yellow, however, Spigen is not the case, even over time, the case remains fully transparent. Physical buttons on the sides here are also protected, but they are easy to press. Apparatus in the case lies in the hand comfortably, does not slip.

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Slim Armor

Slim Armor is interesting because it protects the phone when falling, has a magnetic stand (60 degrees), but it does not greatly increasing the thickness of the device — the thickness of the iPhone 7 case is only 1.1 cm it is Evident that the creators of the case was inspired by the design of the iPhone, repeating each circuit. Thanks to this Slim Armor cannot be called bulky, quite the contrary — it is very comfortable to hold in hand. Military grade protection and Air-Cushion on all four corners will help to protect the phone if dropped. You can choose from seven color solutions: black, “black onyx” in rose gold, silver, champagne, gray and purple. Expect our readers comments like “Always
killed that hole for Apple”.

Slim Armor CS

Tired of carrying around all the time and the phone and purse? Slim Armor will simplify the trip to the store due to its design. The case is made of a double layer of plastic for maximum protection and a thermoplastic polyurethane. Most interesting is that, in fact, this case-business card holder, you can put one or two credit cards. On the back there is a lid that easily opens and closes.

Case provides maximum protection as it is certified to MIL-STD and is also protected by the technology of Air-Cushion. The display is also difficult to break through the side. You can choose from three colors – black, gray and pink.

All Spigen products are made of high quality materials at the plant for the production of high-quality, thin and simple products. All accessories are designed and developed in California.

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Beware of imitations and buy covers and any other accessories on unknown resources. Original Spigen covers can be purchased in the official online store with free delivery in Moscow and Russia (by Courier, at the Points of delivery and by Mail). The promo code “MACSGP” you can get a 50% discount on any protective glass.

And what do you think about Spigen cases? If they are worth their money?

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