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Top 5 problems iOS 11, need to be corrected before release

In iOS 11 quite a lot of significant innovations and modifications. Some of them can really applaud, others cause confusion and even irritation. Before the official release of the operating system still has a few months, therefore, most likely, the developers will fix part of the flaws and bring the platform to perfection. But until iOS 11, there are a number of controversial issues.

1. Design control

Many users happily met the new design of the control room, primarily because Apple has returned to single-page the arrangement of the buttons. Also finally added the ability to customize the content.

Unfortunately, not without problems. First of all, it should be noted that the quality of design is not up to that in iOS 10 – the meaning of the functions is not always clear from the icons and the 3D Touch doesn’t work well with music playback.

2. 3D Touch to switch applications

For unknown reasons, iOS 11 lost gesture to switch between apps. In iOS 9, go from one application to another application on a compatible iPhone can be had with a lot of pressure on the left edge of the screen. It’s probably just a bug, but this functionality in iOS 11 no.

3. Drag and Drop on iPhone

Drag and drop feature is the most important innovation of iOS 11. Initially it was intended for the iPad, but some apps working on the iPhone.

The developers had time to test the iOS 11, found the code with which you can fully activate Drag and Drop on the iPhone. I hope that Apple will not defer and will implement the feature in the release version of the new OS. Especially when you consider that the process itself is simple and intuitive – select the content in one window and “drag” to another.

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4. Confusion in notification Center

The notification center in iOS has always been terrible, but iOS 11, Apple managed to mess it up even more. Now he merged with the lock screen, when you swipe from the top of the screen you get to the day where I can even launch the camera. Below appears: “Press the Home button to unlock”, but actually the device is unlocked.

Themselves notifications cause more confusion. Swipe down to open the current notifications, but to display older notifications, you must perform the swipe up in the notification Center or lock screen. In addition, to display the additional functions we have to use 3D Touch or hold the right card, swipe to the left, as it was before, not working.

5. The inconsistency of the interface

It should be noted immediately that this is only the first beta version, so problems with the interface is to be expected. For example, the app “Podcasts” distorting the lines of the text.

However, there is one problem, which obviously cannot be called just a bug, it is rather a new concept of Apple’s design. In some applications, the names are written in large letters that it is often inappropriate. In the same stock Messages app, the header is very big and takes a lot of space slave without reason.

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