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Top 5 new features in OS X El Capitan [video]

New version of the operating system – OS X El Capitan, – according to the developers, providing users with various improvements in terms of functionality, convenience of use and performance, based on current OS X Yosemite. In this article, we gathered five of the most interesting features in Apple’s new platform.

In addition to improved functionality, OS X El Capitan received improvements “under the hood”. Installing OSes promises a significant increase in performance: the application launcher is 1.4 times faster switching between apps and opening of the first letters in the Mail twice, and the opening of the PDF document in the Preview application — four times.

1. Improved Mission Control

Management system the Windows open Mission Control in OS X El Capitan had the opportunity of translating the selected application in full screen mode by dragging its thumbnail into the gap between workspaces.

2. Mode Split-View

If you drag the thumbnail of the app working on the space occupied by the full-screen application, then it will turn on Split View. The same effect can be achieved by holding the green “+” icon in the program window.

3. Advanced features Spotlight

The search engine Spotlight in OS X El Capitan not only got the opportunity to move around the screen, but also became an intellectual, like voice assistant Siri in iOS. Now she not only can find various documents based on content, tags or other such information, but also understands queries written “human language”. Spotlight can be asked to display documents created in the last month, check the weather for tomorrow, need to show video from popular web services or current account in a football match.

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Spotlight also has a new API for integration with third-party applications, the ability to search and play videos from popular web services, etc.

4. New features in Safari

The Safari browser in addition to the mechanisms of bookmarks and Top Sites have got the opportunity to work with the most often used websites. If using the mouse to drag the tab of such a site in the far left position, it there to get fixed, and the size of the tab title will be reduced to the size of favicon. This saves space on the tab bar, and the next time you open the browser window, the user does not need to reopen pinned sites — they will be opened automatically.

The new version of Safari has improved AirPlay support: video support web sites can now be displayed on the external screen immediately in fullscreen mode, without the rest of the web page. Another novelty is the possibility of turning off the sound web pages and also automatic search background tab, which has a soundtrack.

5. Advanced Notes

Significant functional improvements were made to the application Notes. The program allows text formatting, easily create task lists with marks save information in notes from Safari and other apps and the new browser application allows you to view embedded images, videos, location, links, etc. in one place, without requiring the user to remember which post they were attached. Bookmarks are synchronized across devices current Apple ID account using iCloud.

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