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Top 5 new features 9.2 tvOS for the new Apple TV

The next update of the operating system for Apple TV will bring some very useful new features. It comes on Monday released a beta firmware tvOS 9.2 beta 1. Here are five features that make the upcoming release for Apple TV especially delicious.

Support for Bluetooth keyboards

Let’s be honest: typing on new Apple TV, to put it mildly, annoying. Of course, the possibility of dictation with Siri Remote control looks good (where it works), but in some cases it is impractical to use it: voice dialing is completely irrelevant when entering passwords, and the assistant may make a mistake, if you will speak clearly enough or in your living room noisy guests.

In tvOS 9.2 Apple TV users can finally connect to its console Bluetooth keyboard and enjoy comfortable and fast typing. This is one of the most anticipated innovations for the new generation of set-top box Apple.

Folders for applications

The emergence of such a possibility could have been predicted back in the time when the first rumours about Apple TV 4, the essence of which was in the phrase “the Future of TV — applications”. TvOS platform is a great place to work with games and software.

In the new OS for the Apple TV appeared a software component necessary for working with folders. This opportunity will be one of the key points of the update tvOS 9.2 and will help to keep the programming interface of the television receiver.


Function background music play on Apple TV is perfect for doing household chores or friendly entertainment. In addition to the Music app, YouTube, TV shows and movies in tvOS 9.2 there will be one more popular means of consuming content — the Podcasts app.

The new multitasking in iOS 9

The multitasking panel in Apple TV good now, although the principle of its operation is not obvious to many. After the app Podcasts, to the interface which iOS users have long been accustomed, in tvOS 9.2 bar will appear switching applications with the familiar design and gestures.


This innovation is designed for developers who have already received access to the beta version tvOS 9.2. But what opportunities in the development, sooner or later has an impact on end-users.

In fact, MapKit is a set of software tools with which application developers for the Apple TV will be able to introduce cards that support the annotation feature reverse geocoding to determine more accurate coordinates and the imposition of additional layers. It is unknown to what extent developers will use this feature, but the emergence of new opportunities for software development can not but rejoice.

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