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Top 5 interesting tweaks for iPhone

07.11.2018 Erika J. Wells 0 Comments

Despite the fact that jailbreak for iOS 12 not out, it is available for earlier versions, including iOS 11. In Cydia tweaks a lot, so we have selected some of the best.


Top 5 interesting tweaks for iPhone


Top 5 interesting tweaks for iPhone


This tweak is intended for iPhone X on iOS 11. He adds the response for the icon of flashlight and camera on the lock screen. Author tweek warns that it’s not the same impact that iOS 12.1, but it’s as close to it.


Moonshine is $ 2


Top 5 interesting tweaks for iPhoneThis extension shows the splash screen when the iPhone is connected to the power source. Screensaver animation used with the Apple Watch when the watch is charging.



Top 5 interesting tweaks for iPhoneTWPlus extends the official Twitter app on iOS. It can be used to change the design of the application, to download videos, including personal messages. He hides the ads in the feed.



Top 5 interesting tweaks for iPhoneBatteryColor changing the color of the battery indicator depending on the charge level. In the process of using smartphone, the battery icon will be colored in red, green, orange and yellow. In addition to the icon in the right corner of the screen, the tweak changes the color of the battery icon when connecting your iPhone to charge.



Top 5 interesting tweaks for iPhoneIf you often use Emoji to communicate, you probably know about the tab “Frequently used” on the keyboard. It shows the most popular emojis. This tweak increases the number of displayed icons from 30 to 50 pieces.


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