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Top 10 new jailbreak tweaks for iOS 9.3.3 this week

This week several of the jailbreak developers presented their new solutions for the iOS operating system 9.3.3. We are talking about twico designed to extend the standard capabilities of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. MacDigger selected some of the most interesting developments this week.

A compilation of Addons made with consideration of popularity among users. All tweaks are available for download in the shop of the jailbreak tweaks Cydia.

AnsweringMachine ($3,99)

AnsweringMachine one of the most original jailbreak-Cydia. This is the answering machine for iPhone allows you to record a welcome message (voice or via Siri), including individual, translate written phrases into the text remotely listen to your messages, use the function “do Not disturb” and much more. Supports calls over cellular and FaceTime.

PokeGo GIF LS (free)

Animated lock screen with the team logo in Pokemon Go.

SiriKeepListening (free)

Useful tweak for Siri. Voice dictation will listen longer before issuing a response.

QuickShoot Pro 3 (Us$1.99)

QuickShoot Pro 3 allows double-clicking on the application icon Camera to take pictures and videos without any prior training using the automatic settings. You can select the main camera for fast shooting, set the quality of the recording, to enable and disable flash and HDR. Provided and the mode Anti-Blur is designed to reduce the likelihood of blurred photos.

Envoy (free)

Hides all the new “features” added in the recent update of Facebook Messenger.

LongStories (free)

Removes the 24-hour limit of Instagram for images under “Stories”. Last appeared in the beginning of the month and is a kind of timeline for the day. The tape is arranged in such a way that after 24 hours the event is erased, thus the program encourages users to constantly update the list of stories. LongStories removes this restriction.

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InternalLock (free)

The tweak allows you to add InternalLock lock screen your contacts in case your gadget gets lost.

SnapchatLowPowerModeEnabler (free)

Allows to activate DC mode, the power saving function to Snapchat.

WidgetWeather3 (ModMyi, Free)

Advanced weather widget with a lot of functions and settings. The tweak to work you must also install LockHTML 4.

Wi-Fi Calling Flipswitch (free)

The tweak allows you to enable and disable the Wi-Fi function calls.

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