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Top 10 most useful applications of the QR code scanner in iOS 11

At the presentation of June 5, Craig Federighi announced that iOS 11 will receive a built-in QR code scanner in the Camera, noting that the function is of special interest for users from China. It may seem that this minor innovation, however, is native support for QR codes opens up opportunities for managing iPhone and iPad.


Usually, when you connect accessories HomeKit users rely on scanning small stickers with codes on compatible devices. In the session “What’s new in HomeKit” Apple engineers explained that sometimes these codes become unavailable after connection.

To fix the problem, the company has added support for QR codes and NFC to configure HomeKit. While a QR code can be of size 10×10 mm and the camera will recognize.


iOS 11 also to be able adds a calendar event using QR codes. For example, you can quickly save something to your calendar by scanning the code with a flyer.


One of the most obvious application add contact information. When scanning a QR code with contact data iOS 11 will prompt you to save them in the phone book.


QR codes can be used to send emails with specific content at a specific address.


Support QR in cards like the owners of restaurants, cafes and other such establishments. Now the client does not need to manually enter the address, just scan the code.


iOS 11 is able to send messages after scanning the QR code. This can be useful if you want, for example, to subscribe to SMS-mailing.

Internet connection

Probably the most popular usage scenario QR – connect to Wi-Fi. In coffee shops, for example, you can place a QR code on the counter, so that visitors are easily able to connect to the wireless network.

Recall that iOS 11 also allows you to share your Wi-Fi password with devices nearby.


With support for scanning QR codes in iOS 11 will not have to even dial the number manually, the OS will do it for you.


When you scan the code with the URL the system will offer to open it in Safari.

Callback URLs

Many iOS apps support the function “callback URLs” that allows users and third-party applications to create customized URLS that trigger certain application areas. So programs like Workflow create automated services that run in third party applications.

With the help of the callback-URL you can scan the QR code and go directly to a specific action in the application. For example, open page a specific user in Twitter.

The only difficulty is to determine whether the application supports the function.
If Coinbase and others like him have added the callback URL, technically the user could scan a Bitcoin address, and immediately switch to sending or receiving funds.

How to create your own QR codes

Services for generating QR codes very much, but not all of them work with iOS 11. A good site for the creation

It is noteworthy that iOS will recognize the QR code through the camera. If you find an image with a barcode and want to save it in iPhone memory, the system will determine the content and will offer you the appropriate action.

Perhaps QR codes have not been so popular in recent years, but native support in iOS 11 can transform them into the mainstream.

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