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Top 10 most anticipated features in iOS 11

Every year since the release of the iPhone in 2007, Apple released a new version of the mobile software platform. So it will happen in 2017: in early June we will meet with iOS 11, about innovations which will be discussed at the event for developers WWDC.

Many people are interested in what innovations will offer iOS 11. Observers do not expect to hear at the presentation of any revelations. The new OS is focused not so much on optimizing the base components of OS and the performance increase, how many attracting new features and capabilities.

The announcement of iOS 11 is expected at the world conference for developers, which will be held from 5 to 9 June. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the functions that are expected in iOS 11.

1. Dark color theme

According to our survey, it is the most desired and expected innovation iOS 11. The dark theme. In September last year, Apple unveiled the black iPhone 7, which would be perfect dark interface. At the moment, in most corporate applications, the background is white, but what prevents to make it black in the App Store, Apple Music or the Message? Moreover, the new iPhone, according to rumors, will use a OLED display.

2. Camera enabled augmented reality

Apple is showing a noticeable interest in augmented reality. If this technology will be used in the iPhone 8, it will also be part of iOS 11. The Camera app will be able to combine information about a 3D space with two-dimensional pictures taken using the front camera as well as use the data for facial recognition and iris of the eye and create a 3D selfie.

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Camera in iOS 11 will conduct the analysis in terms of objects, immediately displaying their title and description downloaded from the Internet. This innovation will transform the iPhone into a real guide in the journeys and trains, which always tell you which object is nearby.

3. Superior keyboard for typing with one hand

In iOS 11 it is expected the new mode of operation of the standard keyboard. A special function is intended faster and easier typing, holding the iPhone with one hand. The function will be activated by sliding from the screen edge. The main row of keys will move closer to the palm, and the opposite edge of the screen appears a vertical row of buttons “Cut”, “Copy”, “Paste” and “Cancel”.

4. Group FaceTime calls

In the new mobile OS Apple is planning to introduce the feature of group video calling service FaceTime video conferencing. At the moment this service on the iPhone and iPad is not available in Cupertino plan to empower signature services with the release of iOS 11.

5. The unlock function in the face

Apple is developing an advanced system of users ‘ identification, which may find application in iOS 11. Scanner with individuals to unlock the iPhone and the iPad may take less time than other methods and solve the problem with unlocking gadgets with wet hands or when wearing gloves in the cold season.

On the iPhone and iPad already has a system that automatically detects people’s faces in the photos. More advanced implementation of this technology will be used for the system of user authorization in iOS 11.

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6. Multi window mode on the iPhone

Any Android smartphone 7.0 Nougat supports split screen, while Apple made the Split Screen feature unique to the iPad. The iPhone has enough RAM, a powerful processor, large screen, so absolutely nothing hinders to implement multi-window mode on smartphones.

7. Account system

Another expected feature of iOS 11 is to support the accounts. This feature will allow multiple users to share the iPhone and iPad, but only have access to your applications, documents, social networking accounts, as is now happening on the Mac.

8. The rejection of 32-bit applications

With the release of iOS 11 will cease to operate by about 200,000 apps. In the new OS the company plans to abandon support for 32-bit applications. According to Sensor Tower the App Store there are almost 8%. Thus, according to analysts ‘ estimates, with the release of iOS 11 will stop working around 187 000 apps for the iPhone and iPad.

Now, if the application code isn’t updated to support 64-bit architecture, when running iOS 10.2.1 shows the notification: “the Application can slow down your iPhone. The developer of this app needs to release an update to improve the compatibility with the system”. In iOS 10.3 Apple has changed the warning. Now the OS reports: “you Need to update the app. This program will not work with future versions of iOS. To improve compatibility, the developer of this program, you need to update it.”

9. Improved maps

iOS 11 will give mapping and navigation application for Apple Maps new features. In September 2012 Apple has released iOS 6, which Apple refused the services of Google Maps. Since then passed a lot of time, but Cupertino still cannot be called smooth. Users in different countries will have the opportunity to build the itinerary around the city on buses, subways and trains, to find out their schemes and schedules.

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Apple Maps will focus on mapping the inside of buildings, in order to simplify the navigation in large places like airports, office skyscrapers, shopping malls. I had to resort to the automatic robots with a Bluetooth iBeacon sensors that are traveling inside unknown areas, collect the required information.

10. Recovery mode without iTunes

Currently the last reason why the iOS devices remain tied to your computer – reinstallation of the OS. Network download and recovery mode OS through the Internet will be able to completely solve the problem. Similar functionality Apple has introduced in macOS.

And what new features you’d like to see in iOS 11?

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