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Top 10 best themes for iOS 9.3.3 [WinterBoard and Anemone]

Jailbreak developers have been suggesting their themes for iOS, creatively re-examining the vision software platform Apple. Packages for the visual transformation Anemone and WinterBoard allow you to completely change the interface of an iPhone or iPad, including icons of standard applications, dashboards, folders and system icons.

With the release of the jailbreak the Pangu exploit for iOS 9.3.3 designers have updated existing themes and released, many of which have already been tried out by users. In our collection of top 10 best themes that can be put on iPhone.


One of the main features Veexillum — the same type of icon design that doesn’t look boring. This effect is achieved through the use of several basic colors (white, green, blue and violet) in conjunction with the logo or symbol in the center of the program’s shortcut. This allows you to achieve a perfect balance between the uniqueness and the adherence to a single style.



Jelly 3


Ace El Cap


Primo Glyph

Murk 2


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