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Tony Fadell explained why Steve jobs always focused on the “invisible problems”

A former top Manager at Apple, Tony Fadell, who is considered one of the creators of the iPod, shared the secrets of design at TED Talk. He said that the search for the “invisible problems” around us allows us to solve important problems and create great products.

Tony Fadell is considered one of the main developers of iPods. Since the beginning of 2014, after the purchase, Google startup Nest Labs for $3.2 billion, he is the top Manager of the Internet Corporation.

The presentation of Fadell told the story of Steve Jobs, who always tried to see the product through the eyes of the consumer. The founder of Apple, was forcing employees to focus on small details that for new customers the product worked out of the box. Jobs called it “stay newbie”.

Secret search “invisible problems”, according to Padilla, lies in three things: to look at things more widely, studying every aspect of the product, starting with the packaging; to pay attention to the small details, which at first may not seem as important; to think how young. He noted that at a young age people have fewer dogmas of piety,” and therefore can offer a better solution.

The fadell gave the example of the first purchase of the device when the user awe opens the package and sees the inscription “Charge before use”. Steve jobs decided that this is a serious drawback for electronic device and decided to increase the testing time iPod factories to buyers they arrived almost fully charged.

Apple hired Fadell as a consultant for the creation of the iPod and other gadgets in 2001. Realizing that it was a high-class specialist, Steve jobs took it to a permanent job. In 2005 the Fadell became one of the youngest Vice presidents of Apple, he was 36. In 2008, the top Manager has left the company.

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The fadell recalls that his relationship with Steve jobs were never smooth. Vice President of iPod on any occasion argued with the leader of “Apple” of the Corporation, and asked him many questions. Habit Padilla to threaten the jobs of their own to resign in controversial situations, also did not contribute to understanding.

Two years after his departure from Apple Fadell founded his own startup, which in 2011 introduced the “smart” thermostat Nest, created in the best traditions of Apple. The fadell regretted not having time to show his the brainchild of Steve jobs – was prevented by the illness of the inventor, which ended tragically. In October 2011, the Apple founder died.

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