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Tomorrow the Apple logo will turn green in honor of Earth Day

April 22 is celebrated annually on Earth Day. In honor of this date highlight the Apple logo, located in retail stores, green.

The tradition of celebrating this date began in the US in 1970, in 1990 this day became an international event. 47 years ago, more than 20 million Americans took part in various activities. Even the U.S. Senate decided not to hold meetings on this day so that the senators could take part in the celebration. In 1995 for his contribution to the development of the tradition of celebrating Earth Day, Gaylord Nelson was awarded the “Medal of Freedom”, the highest award that can be bestowed upon a civilian in the United States.

From 20 to 22 April in 130 Apple stores around the world the leaf on the company logo will be green, symbolizing the full transition to renewable energy sources, and employees will wear green t-shirts to draw attention to environmental issues. Besides stores in the United States will switch to paper bags, which are composed of 80% recycled materials.

Earth day aims to draw global attention to environmental issues. Therefore, this day holds environmental events and activities — scientific conferences, exhibitions, closing traffic on the busy streets of major cities, cleaning and tree planting.

22 April in Moscow will also mark the international Earth day. The main venue will be the Park Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo in the North of the capital. Visitors will be able to create virtual graffiti and to participate in photo-quest, to see the parade of puppets and the orchestra on the rollers.

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