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Tomorrow Apple will release its first Android app

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were a great success for Apple, which thanks to them set records in terms of volume of smartphones on the market and their capitalization. The fruits of this success, the company is not averse to entice as many users as possible with competing Android platform, and to facilitate the transition process, the company will release its first Android app “Transfer on iOS”. The release is expected on September 16, simultaneously with iOS 9.

“Transfer on iOS” will help you to transfer contacts, messages, photos and videos, browser bookmarks, user accounts, email services, calendars, Wallpaper, not protected by DRM audio files and books. It is known that in addition to the transfer of data the program is able to analyze your application. Free ON Google Play must be replaced with counterparts from the App Store, if any. Paid applications on the Android will be added to the wish list of the user in the App Store.

Apple promises the most secure data migration process, during which they will not fall into unauthorized hands. How exactly the process will work, not reported. Once complete, the app will prompt the user to give the device for processing.

This is an unusual step for Apple is still the company is not supported BY Android. At the same time, Apple CEO Tim cook has repeatedly noted that the company has no prejudices against Android development, if it deems it necessary.

The service “Transfer to iOS” was not discussed at the September Apple conference, but its description is available on the preview page, iOS 9 in the section “Migrating from Android”. Earlier, cook said that with the advent of iPhone 6 level crossings users from Android to iOS was the highest for three years.

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When the new Android app will appear in the public domain, so far unknown. However, everything indicates that this will happen simultaneously with the release of iOS 9 Wednesday, September 16.

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