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Tomb of the Mask – from edge to edge

After ten minutes in the Tomb of the Mask’s eyes hurt, hands and neck; I want to lay on the couch and blink. But some part inside negatively shakes his head and gives the brain orders: continue. Continue!

You, of course, played in the Happymagenta project which Downhill Rider, Splish Splash Pong and about a dozen taymkiller of the order that in one ear and out the other. Hardly one of the activities of the Studio have remained in your memories, but you spent hours stuck in this game – no doubt. Now, it seems, the balance is disturbed: to out of your Tomb of the Mask, will have to undergo rehabilitation.

On the screen is a glass in the spirit of Tetris, but in the style of another insane game Downwell. You climb higher and higher, soft brush chasing small circle (main character!) from wall to wall. Otherwise he does not move – the only way. The higher you climb, the faster is wound counter points; it can improve, also collecting coins along the way.

Of course, that insane wall of glass speckled with any muck. Barely touching her, he immediately disappears, your game is lost. But there are nuances: the mucus is dangerous for a couple of seconds to pretend to be a normal brick – it can be used as a springboard for further running zigzag. Occasionally, there are bonuses which are as balm to the heart – for example, have the effect of freezing, stopping all the local traps. Or magnet – when it’s on, scattered on the level coins jumping in my pocket themselves.

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The tempo in the game increases with each passing second – coming relentlessly from the bottom turquoise strip, deathwalker. This prompts, because you have no time to think, and almost all of the action on the reflexes to jump there, then there, then… Oh, got you again.

Go Tomb of the Mask, apparently, impossible, but the score counter – you can upgrade it endlessly. Attached to the game scoreboard, where highlighted ten of the best: let’s hit. To get difficult, but there are options, especially because each time given all the climbing easier. Because the way you earn coins and you can spend it on all sorts of bonuses. To buy a new mask (+20 to the slow effect), pump poverty, stock up on cents to pay after the first defeat – and here, you are close to the top.

Insane gameplay here matching and appearance – all as bright and acidic. Design in the style of “eyegouger”, but in a good, visionary sense of the word. From a Hodge-podge of colors, as already mentioned, tired, but feeling great on the rise – about this effect cause early films of Linklater or “enter the void”.

Tomb of the Mask is not worth anything, and inside is not asking for money – Yes, we know how it sounds, but it is. You can, of course, to exchange real coin on virtual, but only if the desire for vanity has won the purse and you in whatever was necessary to see your nickname in the top ten. If the requests are smaller and a little more patience – you will spend in the Tomb of the Mask for many hours without investing a single penny. But ads have to look at, Yes.

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