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Today Apple celebrates 41st birthday

41 years ago, April 1, 1976, a College dropout Steve jobs, a young engineer Steve Wozniak and partner Ronald Wayne officially registered the company Apple Computer. Since then, the company has come a long way from a startup in a garage to the most expensive Corporation in the world.

You need to dig into the history of computer technology, to find a company that gave the industry and mankind in General that amount of innovation. It is destined to change your Outlook on the seemingly complicated things, computerized people who had not wanted to use computers in everyday life and in every way to break stereotypes. It will do it further, because she is now in the Prime of life. Now she’s only 41.

41 years ago, two of Steve have organized almost clandestine manufacture of computers in his garage. Still a young company Apple Computers gradually started to gain momentum later, but in the late 80-ies of the last century, her condition rapidly deteriorated. Its losses reached unprecedented proportions and amounted to about $ 2 billion. Creator, inspirer of California forges MacBook Steve jobs was then dismissed from the company, but in 1997 he returned to make his creation even more powerful.

And he did it. In 2001, jobs introduced the first iPod. After a few years selling the iPod has become the main source of income of the company. Under the leadership of jobs Apple to 2006, significantly strengthened its position in the market of personal computers, facilitated the transition of the Mac to high-performance processors produced by Intel. And then there was the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

The latest innovations of the company were 9.7-inch iPad, the iPhone 7 in a red case and a collection of straps for the Apple Watch. Announcement of deliveries took place without the spring event, which was held in the headquarters of the company in Cupertino. But the next news Apple will unveil with fanfare for the new “home” Apple, shaped like a flying saucer.

The futuristic campus will occupy a total area of 260,000 square meters. Importantly, 4-storey ring-shaped building made of curved glass, concrete and steel, and can take 14 200 employees.

“Spaceship” campus will become, perhaps, the last creation, which had a hand in Steve jobs. An ambitious plan to build a ring-shaped construction of the co-founder of Apple announced in June 2011. Subsequently, the city Council of Cupertino unanimously approved his project.

Congratulations again to Apple, happy birthday! Reaching new heights, the revolutionary devices, brilliant ideas!

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