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To put or not? Bugs and issues that users complain iOS 11

Some users had already tested iOS beta 11, which debuted earlier in the week. This post will be the answer for those who still decides whether to switch to developer version iOS 11 or appropriate to wait for the final version.

2017 at WWDC Apple announced a new version of the operating system for iOS devices. In iOS 11 shows quite a lot of interesting innovations: new design of control center, updated Siri voice assistant, a full-fledged file Manager “Files”, the new App Store, a function of automatically removing seldom-used applications work with augmented reality and others.

Many users rushed to install iOS 11 on your iPhone and iPad because Apple has already provided access to the developer version of the OS. But almost immediately it became clear that iOS 11 beta, in its current form should not be installed on a working device.

Users in social networks speak about a large number of errors in the first test build of iOS 11. The following is a list of problems that have to tolerate those who decide to upgrade to the new OS right now.

  • Low battery life on iPhone and iPad with iOS 11 beta.
  • Freezes and delays in the interface and in applications.
  • Crashing player widget on the lock screen.
  • Icons go into move mode when closing the folder on the home screen.
  • When creating a letter in the Mail app, the “Send” button sometimes stops working.
  • Tenfold clicking on the tabs in the App Store no longer updating the store pages.
  • Spotlight search doesn’t always come when trying to swipe down on the home screen.
  • Randomly appear and disappear icons in folders.
  • Disappears dock bar with icons on the iPhone Plus
  • Many apps don’t remain in RAM in the background when you run they are reloaded.
  • Sometimes are not updated in the App Store.
  • Problems with the interface of the application House.
  • iPhone tends to hang while charging.
  • The 3D Touch gestures don’t always work as it should.
  • Drag and drop works on the iPhone between apps. Apple has already confirmed that it’s crashing, Drag’n’drop on the iPhone will only work inside of apps.
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Many iOS users 11 beta can confirm that the OS periodically noticeable delay, often fall of application, an emergency reboot of the desktop.

The first build of iOS 11 is an alpha version of the new Apple platform. The main purpose of this release is that developers can now begin to adapt their products for the new OS.

However, if you want to try out all the new features iOS 11 right now, you can always updated. Until the end of the month there will be a public Assembly that will be spared from many of the current problems. In any case, wait for the final version iOS 11 for a long time, and to roll back to iOS 10 at any time.

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