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To live to paycheck: the Russians have begun to take the iPhone in pawn shops

In the Russian pawn shops more and more clients come to pledge your iPhone. To get for a smartphone with Apple on the case because of the mass of the proposals fails quite a bit.

According to the National Association of pawnshops, in the publication Life in 2016 the volume of mortgages in the whole country grew by 33 percent to 60 billion rubles. Now the services of pawnshops has been using 10% of Russians, and the average amount of the loan is 7900 RUB.

It is the Apple devices alleged to have become one of the main growth drivers of this market. At the same pawn significantly understate the real cost of gadgets. So, for the iPhone 5c, which is in the store will cost about 20 000 rubles, in Moscow pawnshops offer a maximum of 2-4 thousand rubles. Despite the fact that the phone for their four years never dropped, has no damage at all and looks like new.

“More than two will not sell. Simply because there is now a real boom in the phones — a huge number of people comes and tries to pass. At least three or four people a day. Hence the low price”, — said the appraiser of the Moscow pawnshops.

4 000 was a record high price for the iPhone. No longer offered anywhere. Moreover, as it turned out, to carry the Apple smartphone in Lombard turned out to be more profitable than, for example, into buying.

For the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus you can count the amount of 5-7 thousand rubles. Appraiser of the Moscow Lombard notes that and other equipment, which the Russians bought for 20-30 thousand, it is difficult to sell even 2-3 thousand rubles.

In addition, in recent years, the pawn shops are actively expand the list of things that they are willing to take the pledge. Now, take coats, smartphones and televisions, building tools, and even country inventory.

Pawnshops market is rapidly developing across the country. Thus, the volume of loans issued by pawnshops in Belgorod region, increased by 40% and exceeded one billion rubles. According to the state registry of pawnshops, the number of such points in Buryatia has increased over two years by 20%.

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