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“To each according to augmented reality” — Tim cook about iOS 11 and the price of the iPhone X

The Apple CEO gave the first after the presentation of iPhone X interview on “Good morning America”.

19 Sep to smartphones, tablets and Apple come iOS 11. And with the platform — and augmented reality. Cook believes — App Store waiting for a new era.

All incredibly important, because for the first time hundreds of millions of users will learn the augmented reality. We’ll make it something casual.

This is a terrific method to go shopping. And a great way to learn. We make complicated things simple. Want anyone to use AR… a day worth remembering. Great day.

AR in app

Discussed other important issues — like recognition system Face ID. According to the CEO, people have nothing to worry about:

Our goal is your privacy. We want to protect your data because we know they belong to you. When the smartphone is loaded a scan of his face remains on the device, Apple can’t access it. We encrypt the information in the device. Who will get it to you, but not us.

About the victim of the Home button:

Love her, but we think the display from edge to edge, if the smartphone is almost all display, will love even more.

At the end of the broadcast, the guest answered questions from the audience and told that he does not consider $ 999 for the flagship too much burden on the pocket of the ordinary American.

Actually, the price is fair, considering the technology you get. Most pays for a smartphone for a long time, so not many will have to pay the whole amount at once. Old gadgets are often given for the exchange program in exchange for a discount.

If you look at things objectively, the iPhone has become so important a part of our lives that people want more from him and more. We just found new ways to respond to those requests.

About the founder of Apple:

We don’t sit and think “what would Steve do?”. But we remember the principles on which is built the Apple. The company creates an incredibly good and simple products. Technology there is behind the scenes, not on stage. User experience is our priority. We want to make people happy.

Well, worthy.

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